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Find It Fix It In Home Health Party 

with Dr. Brandon Shapiro

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iAwake Medical Equipment is your home for the next generation of medical and holistic interventions.

While we at iAwake know symptoms are important to treat we believe in getting down to the root of the problem by treating the cause and preventing the dys-ease process from controlling your life. 

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells communicating and working together in a balanced and harmonious fashion to optimize total body function. When this balance, or homeostasis, is interrupted or effected the body goes into survival or fight and flight mode. This prolonged mode or pattern is the base cause of all diseases and dys-ease processes. 

Our job at iAwake is to raise the base understanding of every man, woman, son and daughter to this fact and provide tools to bring back that balance. 

We have our work cut out for us but it's a necessary process we must go through in order to achieve health, well being, and awareness on the path of awakening the masses. 

We look forward to joining you on this journey!

Please enjoy browsing the equipment we have to offer and let us know how we can be of assistance.

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