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Alpha-X Ozone Therapy Generator with TESLA Technology™

Listen to our good friend and founder of the Alpha X Cold Plasma Generator, Blake Miller, tell you himself why this is the best ozone generator on the market today!

The Alpha X is a high quality ozone generator that produces ultra-pure ozone. This fully functional ozone machine will perform all major and minor requirements needed for ozone therapy applications. The Alpha X provides multiple ozone concentration settings that are accessible through two Luer lock ozone ports. 

What Makes the ALPHA X Superior?

The Alpha X utilizes a cold ozone process called cold plasma. This method provides little to no heat while providing stable calibrated ozone concentrations. The ozone production cells are made from medical grade ceramic which provides much better dielectric properties than quartz glass. Ceramic also sheds heat resulting in stable, ultra-pure ozone production. 


Alpha X efficiency

The Alpha X produces virtually no noise which means the power transformer inside the ozone generator is operating efficiently. Ozone generators that are loud and noisy are inefficient and also produce excess heat.  Since the Alpha X produces low noise it is great for people who treat ears with ozone. 

Dual Ozone Port Design

The Alpha X utilizes dual ozone output ports on the front of the generator. The first port is the past through port which allows ozone simply passes through the ozone generator to applications like water or saunas. The second ozone port can be turned on and off to redirect the ozone to a separate application. The second port can be used to extract small amounts of ozone for filling syringes or other gas filling applications. Makes filling syringes with ozone gas simple and easy with the press of a button. 

Turbo Ozone Mode

The Alpha X turbo mode gives the user a boost of ozone concentration for therapies that require a higher concentration. Simply turn turbo mode ON or OFF for ease of use. Great for sauna, water, and oil applications. 

Oxygen Port

The oxygen port is located on the back of the ozone generator. This keeps the oxygen line out of the way so the user can efficiently operate the machine.

Features & Specifications

  • Voltage 12VDC (100 to 240-volt operation)

  • Silent ozone output

  • Ultra-Pure Ozone production cells

  • Luer Lock connection ports

  • Pure Oxygen feed port

  • Cold Ozone production

  • Made in USA

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Calibrated Gamma chart

  • Up to 100 ug/ml of ozone production (gamma)

  • Fan-less Motor

  • Simple and easy to use

  • Accessory kit included

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