BMR Therapy System

(BMR) Body Memory Reset Therapy is what we call the therapy received from our Natural Energy Medicine system. The body stores an unbelievable amount of information that manages every function of every organ and controls every tissue and system the body has. Like all stored information in this world, information can be corrupted. When any amount of information that controls an organ or any function of the body becomes corrupted then you loose the same percent of health in that organ or system. In short, put a cell phone in your ear, corrupt a certain percent of your bodies information and you suffer an equivalent amount of ill health. And remember that cell phones are just one small way we corrupt the bodies information today.

If we can recover even a small amount of the information that has been corrupted in your body over your life time, the effects on your health could be amazingly significant.

We have spent over 35 years studying multiple forms of Low Level Laser, natural energy and informational health care systems. We don’t believe you should have to do this to use Natural Energy Medicine in your office.

We start with the finest Therapeutic Low Level Laser you can make. Based on thousands of research papers from all over the world over the past 60 years we utilize the exact Nanometer Wavelength (color) laser, operating at the exact power density (brightness), designed to activate all physiologic chromophores (body light receptors), for the greatest therapeutic effect on the body.

Next we tried developing quality health care procedures utilizing the existing Low Level Laser units on the market and found that they did not contained the technology or precision that would perform our therapy procedures. This led us to developing our own laser technology.

Next we tried to utilize the frequency programs that were promoted to help specific health conditions. We found that the only existing frequencies of any significant value were designed to be utilized with Rife technology instruments. These instruments operate on a completely different platform than Low Level Laser, with totally different goals so they proved to be of minimum use for our needs. Therefore we had to develop an entirely new series of frequencies to use with Low Level Laser technology. There are many different therapeutic frequencies for the body. There are from one to several pulse frequencies that match the resonant frequency of every organ, tissue, function, and system of the body.

Where Rife frequencies are designed to be delivered mechanically and to disrupt the cellular structure of specific pathogens, our frequencies were designed to match the original resonate frequencies of normal tissue in order to help restore function to those organs, tissues, and systems of the body.

We realized that each model of pulsed Low Level Lasers were made with different electronic components. Each of these components had their own frequency generating error rates, which meant we had to modify each frequency program for each different laser model to provide the most therapeutic frequency programs for each laser we made.


 We realized that not only is the finest therapeutic frequency important for the best therapeutic results but when you combine multiple frequencies together they even worked better. Something like a group of musical notes making a chord. Therefore we had to take all of our customized frequencies and blend them together in specific therapy groups to create the most therapeutic frequency programs as possible.


We incorporated custom Homeopathic Remedies, a very powerful form of informational medicine that has been utilized for hundreds of years. These remedies are specific for each organ, tissue, system, and function of the body. We did not spend 30 years learning all about homeopathic remedies, we brought in specialists and worked with them. This additional therapeutic component expands the therapeutic effectiveness of our therapy procedures another fold.


There are several other forms of informational medicine that we have also included in our procedures such as Essential Oils, Reflexology, Timing, etc. And as with all other of our forms of therapy we consulted with experts in each field on how to place everything together for the finest form of therapy possible.


If you are a chiropractor, you were not just taught anatomy and basic adjusting then told, there are a bunch of sick patents, go adjust them, and call with questions.


If you are a surgeon, you were not just given a sharp knife, needle and thread and told, there are some patients go fix them and by the way, if you have some trouble give us a call.


As a health care professional we are not just taught how to use the tools of our profession, we are taught the profession itself. Otherwise there would be no standards or consistency of that profession.


So why does a company sell you a Low Level Laser and expect you to be able to go out and successfully perform Natural Energy Medicine? It is a ridiculous concept and why we have no standards or consistency in this profession.


We at LazrPulsr System believe it is or job to put Natural Energy Medicine into an incredible health care system that is organized, consistent, with not only acceptable standards but unacceptable standards as well.


We don’t believe you should be left to develop your own Natural Energy Medicine Profession to use it in your office.


The more advanced and sophisticated any technology becomes the easier it should be to operate. Take the automobile for instance. The first cars on the market required the operator to know everything about the car. The driver usually had to fix something before they made it back home. The cars came with their own tool boxes and special tools for a reason. Today cars practically drive themselves and soon they will.


Natural Energy Medicine is the most advanced health care in the world with it’s functions based on the principals of quantum physics. Therefore the application of True Natural Energy Medicine should be easy to follow and clearly laid out so that any health care professional can properly perform the therapy with minimal instruction.


Since we have already spent millions of dollars and countless years accomplishing this exact task, why should you have to do it again.

So what do we expect form you?


As a health care provider you did not have to invent your profession, you were taught your profession. Let us teach you what Natural Medicine is, how easy it is to perform, the amazing therapeutic effects it has to offer, and how easy it is to incorporate into your personal practice.