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Mk III Personal Therapy System

 If you are searching for the perfect physical therapy unit that will never go out of style and will always support your care and can be specifically targeted for any health condition your patient has, then this is what you are looking for.

 The latest Mark III Personal Therapy System was designed as a lower cost Therapeutic Laser ideal for use in the physical therapy area of your office. With over 160 different targeted therapy programs and endless customizable therapy programs this therapy system will offer targeted support for any health condition you patient may have.

 Easy to use, easy to understand, and extremely easy to incorporate into your physical therapy department. If you don’t have a physical therapy department then this is the perfect time to start one with the Mark III Personal Therapy System.


 The Mark III Personal Therapy System was specifically designed as a lower cost Professional unit. As a physical therapy unit it can be provided by a member of your staff and utilized to target any health condition that your patient can present with. It can also be utilized to expand the types of conditions you are seeing.

 If you are not very comfortable treating any type of wound and injury healing, managing pain without medications, treating all forms of allergies and sensitivities, helping with addictions such as smoking, colds and flu symptoms, even significant infectious diseases such as Lyme or West Nile, just to name a few, then this form of therapy will definitely allow you to accept a broader type of patient with the confidence that you will have a successful outcome. This makes this form of therapy ideal for any practice.

 1. Proprietary Frequency Programs:

 These are pre-programmed pulse frequencies that are designed to match the original resonant frequency of an organ or tissue or function of the body. These frequencies are utilized by the the therapy programs to form a treatment program.

 2. User Defined Frequency Programs:

There are 80 different programs in the Personal laser that will allow you to place your own frequencies in and store them to use any time you desire.

 3. Proprietary Therapy Programs:

 There are about 170 built in Therapy Programs in the Mk III Personal unit. These programs will automatically select the proper frequency program, run it for the correct time and then pause for you to change location of the laser on the body before it selects the next frequency program and runs it for the proper amount of time. There may be as many as 14 different frequency programs utilized in any one therapy program.

 4. User Defined Therapy Programs:

 There are 10 programs that will allow you to utilize any proprietary and or user defined frequency program to build your own Therapy Program. Detailed instructions can be found in the Operators Manual or the Quick Start Guide. 

 Product Description and Specifications


The Mark III PersonalTherapy System is professional quality and has:

2 fully collimated class IIIa laser diodes

Functioning at 635nm Wavelength at <5Mw for the greatest Photobiomodulation available

Individual Frequency Generation for each laser

Frequency generation is therapeutically precise for any frequency through 12 MHz

Lightweight 1 piece design weighing about 7 oz.

Lithium Polymer Battery insures long battery life

Hard shell carrying case

Power transformer 9V, 500mA, negative tip

Software Features:

More than 170 fully automatic therapy programs to chose from
Up to 200 specific frequency programs to chose from
The most user friendly software operation of it’s kind

Instruction and support:  

Manuals and treatment guides both hard copy and on line 
Free phone support
Two year limited warranty


 About the Manufacturer


LazrPulsr Systems was founded in 2003 with a commitment to developing and delivering extremely accurate lasers for use in the management of pain and healing. Used in both integrated medical practices, wellness services, therapy centers and even in veterinary practices, lasers are a natural energy medical device used to manage pain caused by a variety of conditions. LazrPulsr Systems continues to develop additional therapeutic protocols – many of which are currently in research studies – as well as more powerful, flexible lasers.


Known for the hand held, wireless units designed to work well under any environment, LazrPulsr has teamed with a number of care organizations to test their devices under very challenging conditions – including hospital settings in third world countries, treating animals in jungle environments and developing practices to allow the devices to be used in home settings as well as in professional, medical wards.

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