Why do we need to supplement?

There was a summit held in Brazil in the early 90's that revealed that the soil levels in the 1950's were 80% depleted.

That was over 80 years ago!

What do you think the soil is like now 80 years later?


 Do you think it has gotten better?

America, as we were taught, was the bread basket of the world.

Farmers used to practice crop rotation, but as agriculture grew in scale these practices that replenish the soil naturally were abandoned. This happened long before most people reading this were born. 

Not only are our soils depleted now they are sprayed heavily with toxic chemicals in the form of herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides. GMO corn and soy are resistant to herbicides and we are now seeing the outcome of the glyco-phosphate cancer trials. It is more important than ever before to do our best to eat organic foods free from these chemicals however; if we are not conditioning the soil properly, we can still end up just eating "clean" empty food.

The human body needs over 90 essential nutrients everyday and they are only adding 3 things to the soil as fertilizer. Phosphorous , Potassium and nitrogen.


Nitrogen is used by plants for lots of leaf growth and good green color. Phosphorous is used by plants to help form new roots, make seeds, fruit and flowers. It's also used by plants to help fight disease. Potassium helps plants make strong stems and keep growing fast.

I hope this shines some light on to the necessity of daily supplementation.

We at iAwakeME want you to know that each of the supplements we recommend are of the highest quality and purity. We personally use a combination of all of them. 

Some of the products you will find have 10 year Yale studies to prove their efficacy and we even have a device that can prove if your supplements are effective or not back by the same studies and universities!

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